The Beauty of Gold Sheen Sapphire

One thing I have been trying to get right for a while is how to capture the beauty of Gold Sheen Sapphire in a photo. I have tried many combinations of light and camera settings, with a very good digital SLR, and yet in some cases just the camera on my smartphone seems to take better pictures.

Gold Sheen Sapphire
How to describe a gem that gives so much variation in a single piece?
 The appeal of Gold Sheen Sapphire comes not just from the light it returns, but from the play of light across the gem. Lustre plays a major role, more so than almost any other gem. The included nature of Gold Sheen Sapphire is not unlike opal, and so different angles of light highlight completely different characteristics in the stone. While the sheen effect in Gold Sheen is not unique (Some rubies and black sapphire has it), it is nevertheless far more prominent than any other type of gem.
Gold Sheen Sapphire
Gold Sheen Sapphire gem under warm, cool and direct daylight.

Capturing the inherent beauty of Gold Sheen Sapphire is one thing, but then describing it is another. Using the standard gemology grading we only have ‘brown’ to describe the prominent colour. There is no descriptor for the metallic gold, bronze, copper and brass, not for the colours of metallic blue, greens orange and yellow that often appear as secondary and tertiary colours.

And then, how to describe the geometric patterns and craze lines within the gem? Which to me are by far it’s most appealing aspect.

Gold Sheen Sapphire
The hex is a geometric feature that forms transparent window through the gem that displays an intriguing 3D effect

Tanzim Khan, the discoverer of Gold Sheen Sapphire, describes the complex patterns as taking you on a journey. Indeed it does, as you gaze into the stone you see ever more richness and beauty that emerge from the depths. The 3D effect of the inclusions is unlike anything else.

Gold Sheen Sapphire
Nothing shows the journey of the eye in Gold Sheen Sapphire better than this unique gem. The depth and beauty of this stone has to be seen first hand to be believed.

Like ruby, Gold Sheen Sapphire is at its best under warm light, in the mornings and evenings. Yet under direct, cool light, aspects within the gem can be seen that were otherwise hidden, and vivid blues can emerge in strong white light that make it look like sapphire set in a cage of bronze.

Gold Sheen Sapphire
Blue sapphire band ‘captured’ in the gold and bronze of Gold Sheen Sapphire.

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