The gemstones and jewellery you buy from SJW Gems is not only beautiful, but an excellent investment that will increase in value over time.  But if you wish to return your purchase at any time, for any reason, we will buy the item back from you at the same price you paid.  You only need to contact us and request a return and as soon as the item is recieved, payment will be transferred to you. There are no caveats. “at any time” means any time after purchase, whether weeks, months or years.

All jewellery has a lifetime warranty. SJW Gems will repair any problem with jewellery manufacture free of charge, including shipping, up to one year after purchase.  After one year SJW Gems will pay return shipping only.

Please also see Terms & Conditions.



SJW Gems 出售之所有寶石均經過有專門資質的寶石家親自挑選,購買之後一個月內可無條件退貨,SJW Gems 保證以原價回購買家退回之貨品而無需任何退貨理由。詳情請參閱購買條款