A Diamond Story

The Request

Some people have a firm idea about the sort of ring they want, others, not so much. It is always nice to be able to find gemstones and design jewelry to match request, but it is just as pleasing to be given the trust to ‘make something beautiful, but I don’t want to spend too much’. So that what the brief – something truly beautiful and unique, for less than 7,500 Euro.

Mission accepted!

Finding the Diamond

It took three weeks, but it was worth it. We considered a number of round brilliants, from VS to VVS1 and G to I colour, all beautiful stones, and any one of them would have looked great in the right setting. And then we found this:

Emerald cut diamond 1.01ct angle view Emerald cut diamond 1.01ct front view

A 1.01 carat emerald cut, F colour, and, amazingly IF – internally flawless. We could hardly believe it, but the certificate doesn’t lie.

Emerald diamond cut IF GIA certificate

There really is something special about an IF stone that separates it from mere VVS1 and VVS2 diamonds. There shouldn’t be, right? VVS1 inclusion can barely be seen at 10x magnification, let alone with the naked eye, let alone from a few feet distance. Yet, when you see this stone, it immediately stands out out something very special. And the more you look at it, the more special it becomes.

Designing the Setting

The next question is what setting would best grace such a gorgeous diamond. A gemstone like this really speaks for itself, it doesn’t need any embellishment. Several designs were considered, and. like us, the customer prefered a simpler setting with an elegant, thin band.

Diamond ring custom design emerald cut

After the wax was made, there were a couple of small adjustments. We reduced the number of side stones by four, and thickened the width slightly for better durability.

The Result

And this is how it turned out:

Yes, we said ‘wow’ too.

Did we succeed?  Let’s see:

  • Beautiful – customer says a resounding “YES!”
  • Unique – A very rare IF emerald cut diamond in a one-off designed ring, that is also a “yes”
  • Less than €7,500 – after shipping and insurance, there was change of €130.

Most importantly though, the customer absolutely loved it.  A very satisfying result.

Mission accomplished!