Singles Day!

11/11 is singles’ day in China.  But why should the Chinese have all the fun?

Perhaps, buying your crush some beautiful jewelry might make this the last singles day for you?  Who knows.  But single or ‘an item’, everyone deserves to own some fine gemstones and jewelry, whether for yourself or someone else.

In honour of this ancient (from way, way back in the 1990’s) Chinese tradition, use the coupon code ‘1111’ to get 25% off any purchase from, for 11/11/16 only.

This natural ruby ring in 18K gold makes an excellent gift of love an admiration –

Natural zircon, as blue as a clear summer sky –

Multi colour sapphire bracelet, 32 carats of sapphires, and exquisite gift

Tanzanite earrings, only for someone very special –